Full story of how Lampard completely lost it on Alonso’s

According to The Athletic, Lampard and Alonso are in very bad terms at the monent and this is how it all started as reported by the The Athletic media.

Alonso had a very terrible first half performance against West Brom last Saturday. His errors alone led to Chelsea conceding two goal as the Blues trailed by three goals at halftime.

Lampard made an objective choice to removed Kovacic and Alonso who were having an horrible game from the match.

Report claims that Alonso tried to watch the rest of the game outside the premises at the team’s bus instead of staying with the rest of the substitutes and he did this without seeking for permission first from the boss.

According to the report, Lampard was very furious after the game about Alonso’s attitude and decision and he gave the Spanish leftback a serious dressing room talk down in front of the other players.

We believe Lampard was particularly furious about Alonso performance in the game but took it out on him in that manner.

From the report, Frank said while the squad showed spirit to come back, Marcos Alonso did not care.

An insider fron the Club also reported that the Chelsea players were saying they have never seen Lampard or any manager this angry before and Alonso will be lucky if he ever plays for Chelsea again.

Also this is not the first time Lampard has lost his cool completely on the players. Other report now claims that Lampard put out a similar ranting behavior to all the players after their FA Cup loss to Arsenal.

The report say Lampard was furious that the team showed no willingness in the game after going 1-0 up which eventually led to Arsenal coming from behind to win the game. The players were also surprised for the instanteanous change in temper in their manager.

We know already that Lampard is a bit hot tempered at times and it is necessary sometimes to put the players in order but for the players to utter such words about him outside means he has taken the discipline a bit too far, don’t you think?

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6 thoughts on “Full story of how Lampard completely lost it on Alonso’s

  1. Lampard cannot take Chelsea to the promise land with this arrogance especially his nationalism agenda

  2. What Alonso did was totally rubbish. I don’t have Lampard to be blamed.
    I’ve never see a manager like Lampard, although he’s making me angry too these days

  3. I think Lampard takes Chelsea very personal,he doesn’t care about what others think even during his playing time,he cries when Chelsea loss. This is good for the club but not good enough for Lampard. One day he might find himself out of job at Chelsea…. Then what?

  4. That’s somehow difficult to explain but Alonso’s decison will not suit anyone.
    Maybe Lampard has gone too far but actions need to be taken for such behavior as said was put on by Alonso.

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