Why Jorginho might not be in Chelsea’s starting lineup again.

Since the arrival of Jorginho from Napoli for about €60m, the Italian has managed to always somehow get into the starting lineup.

It was frequent with Sarri as Chelsea’s head coach but after Sarri was sacked and Lampard was appointed as Chelsea’s new head coach, many fans expected a change in that defensive midfield role by switching Kante back to DM.

However Lampard decided to take a page from Sarri’s book and continued to use Jorginho as his preferred defensive midfielder, at least, for the most of last season.

Jorginho is known for his awareness and technical ability but his inability to defend the ball and the frequent errors he makes, makes him more of a liability than an asset in most games.

Somehow Jorginho still kept getting the nod in the starting lineup at the beginning of this season with Kovacic mostly on the bench while Kante continues to play a more advanced role. However in recent games, Jorginho have been kept on the bench and Kante shifted back to defensive midfield but why the sudden change from Lampard?

Below is the most obvious reason and also why we might not be seeing Jorginho back as a starter anytime soon.

Reason why Jorginho is now being bench by Lampard.

The reason is very simple and it all comes down to a player. Ngolo Kante.

From my observation, Lampard is cool with benching any player even if they are fit but not Ngolo Kante.

Kante might not have been played in his favourite position in the past two seasons but he is never benched when he’s fit, rather, he is shifted to a more attacking role.

During the time of Sarri, Kante adapted to his advanced role pretty well and played some good games attacking wise but this season, anytime Kante is played outside the defensive midfield position he becomes totally useless attacking wise and it affects our whole attack.

His attacking play this season has been so terrible that Lampard had to rethink playing Kante in that advanced role but at the same time, keeping Kante on the bench is not an option so the next logical option was to try him back at his former position (Defensive Midfield) to substitute Jorginho.

Lo and behold Kante was reborn as he started playing defensive midfield again and even a blind man could see we were just utilising only about 0.1% of his ability ever since while playing him upfront.

Kante is bossing the defensive midfield now and we are keeping cleansheets and scoring.

Lampard does not need to seer to tell him it needs to remain like this so it’s logical to say we might not be seeing Jorginho back in the starting lineup except Kante sustains an injury or is rested.

We all knew Kante was a semi-god at DM. We experienced it first hand during the Conte era but the idea of wanting to play Jorginho made our managers drift him from his favourite position to an advanced role. Now his awful performances in that advanced role this season is what is actually making him get his favourite position back.

Don’t get me wrong. Kante’s performance is not entirely awful while playing the advanced role, just his attacking decisions that are awful. He will still makes good interceptions and tackles even when playing as a striker but then the whole attack will suffer from his lack if attacking decisions. I think Lampard saw that and decided to exclude him from the attack entirely by taking him back to his favourite defensive midfield position.

So guys what do you think about Kante’s recent performance as he’s back to his favourite position?

What about Jorginho? Should he be sold? benched or Lampard should still find a way to play him alongside Kante?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below

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