(Video) Chelsea’s obvious penalty against City that wasn’t even checked by VAR

Chelsea were beaten at Stamford Bridge 1-3 on Sunday by Manchester City.

We were basically out classed especially in the first half but maybe the game could have gone in a totally different direction if Anthony Taylor had awarded Chelsea a penalty for the foul on Timo Werner during the first half.

Timo Werner was just in the line of the 18 yard box and was clearly tripped by Rodri.

Many could argue it was outside the box but Anthony Taylor didn’t even consider consultanting the VAR for clarification and Chelsea missed a massive opportunity to go ahead in the game.

Watch Video of the foul below

However it comes as no surprise to Chelsea fans as we have been suffering this same biased decision from Anthony for a while now, one particularly, was in our loss against Arsenal in the FA Cup final last year when Kovacic got a Red Card for a foul to him by Xhaka.

So guys watch the video above and tell us what you think. Penalty or not.

and if we were awarded the penalty, how do you think the game could have turned out?

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