Fernandinho’s deadly foul on Mason Mount that Mike Dean shrugged off

Chelsea triumphed over Manchester City to book a place in the FA Cup finals but most Chelsea fans are still confused as to why the referee Mike Dean allowed City’s Fernandinho to remain in the pitch after a deadly act on Mason Mount in the first half.

Fernandinho is known for being harsh with tackles and most times very inconsiderate but this was a different circumstance as it wasn’t even an attempt on the ball or a tackle but rather an act of misconduct or sort.

It was in the first half and Mason was on the floor after a challenge, then Fernandinho tried to walk over him and matched his head slightly in the process.

No one can confirm if it was intentional as the Brazilian was not balanced but many fans between he should have been walked out by the ref for that

Watch or Download Video of incident below

What do you think guys?

Does Fernandinho deserve a red card here?

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