The dilemma Lampard will face when choosing a midfield three for Chelsea games

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If there’s anything Chelsea have in abundance now, it’s midfielders.

Don’t get me wrong, our attack is pretty awesome too but when we talk about depth, our midfield is unbelievable.

Let’s start by looking at the players in our midfield individually and analyse them and their preferred positions.

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1. Mason Mount

Sometimes referred to as Lampard’s son just like Jorginho was with Sarri. Mount is a hard worker and I guess that’s one of the reason Lampard likes him so much. Perhaps he reminds him about a bit of himself when he was a player.

Mason was instrumental in our success last year in securing the Champions League spot and from stats, he played more games than anyone else in the Chelsea’s squad last season and for the fact that it was just his debut season, it’s really unbelievable.

Mount plays as an attacking midfielder predominantly tho he can also play central midfield or play from the wing. Lampard however have gotten fond of using him in just either the attacking midfield position or the wings.

2. Billy Gilmour

This is another prodigy like Mason Mount or even better in terms of potential. Billy can play either as a defensive midfielder or slightly upward in central midfield. He is known for his ability to sense danger around him and avoid them by handling and passing the ball so swiftly.

Billy became prominent among fans in the world when produced a back to back man of the match display against Liverpool and Everton respectively last reason.

The teenager is currently suffering a knee injury and he’s still on the recovery stage.

3. Jorginho

Jorginho’s plays predominantly as a deep lying playmaker and his profile in Chelsea has really been complicated since joining us.

About half section of the fans loves him. They see and appreciate what he does during games while the remaining half despise him bitterly mainly for the fact that he’s the reason Ngolo Kante’s playing position and style is compromised when he can’t even do one hundredth of what Kante does defensively.

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4. Kai Havertz

This is the newest addition to the our midfield. Havertz who is still young (just 21) arrived at Chelsea this summer for a club record fee of about £71m. The German didn’t get his expected debut performance but that’s understandable knowing he had just one or two full training session with the squad before the match.

Kai Havertz has similar style with Mason. He can in all positions Mason can play in.

5. Ross Barkley

Ross is an attacking midfielder or central midfielder. He can play an a lone attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 formation or play in pair with another in central midfielder.

The English midfielder is known for his goal awareness. Even he isn’t fulfilling his basic midfield duties, you never deny the fact that he scores and tries to shoot with any slight chance given.

Barkley has been reported to be part of the recent bid to try and lure West Ham to release Declan Rice.

6. Ruben Loftus Cheek

Another academy product like Mason and Gilmour.

RLC was in the form if his life before an unfortunate injury hit him and now he has become a shadow of his former himself. Very sluggish and frustrating to watch. RLC just like Barkley can play as an attacking midfielder or in central midfield.

7. Kovacic

Currently the best player in Chelsea according to the fans vote last season and a joy to watch in midfield.

Kovacic thrives more playing as a central midfielder.

Now that we have looked at all the available midfielders in our current squad, let’s go back to the main topic for the post which is the confusion for Lampard when trying to pick three to start out of all seven.

The Dilemma

Lampard loves playing a formation with three main midfielders like 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 and sometimes it can even get more complicated when he chooses to play in a 3-4-3 formation in which he now has just two main midfield space.

It was already complicated last season when he had to choose between Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic and the rest and with the addition of a record signing midfielder who we all know can’t easily be put on the bench, I must say I’m kinda excited to see Lampard’s choices this time.

Well let’s a look indepth at the dilemma he is going to face weekly.

Lampard has admitted his love for Kai Havertz already and the way he is always with him in training shows a lot about it. Also Lampard’s love for Mason can’t be undenied. He loves the pair so much be now he has to sacrifice one for the other to play or can both play together? Let’s see. Read more below

Kai Havertz and Mason Mount both have the ability to play in almost anywhere in midfield including the wings but the current issue with that now is the fact that Chelsea have strengthened other positions as well.

The presence of Ziyech for instance makes it impossible for either Kai or Mason to be shifted to RW.

Pulisic was explosive at LW at the end of last season and he is already creating a legacy for himself so it will be unwise to leave Pulisic on the bench with the number 10 shirt just to play either Kai or Mount at LW.

No let’s come to central midfield. Another option for Lampard will be to play with two attacking midfielders (Kai and Havertz) and put Kante behind them in a plain 4-3-3 formation but then when you play in that manner you sacrifice your central midfield. This means Kovacic won’t be able to play and I think we have already seen first hand that our midfield is crap without Kovacic to suck out the pressure through his movement and dribbling, so again, this will be a terrible choice.

We can now see that playing both Kai and Mount at the expense of either Pulisic, Ziyech or Kovacic is rationally blind.

If Lampard is smart, then he won’t try to force both to play together except when either of Pulisic, Kovacic or Ziyech is not fit.

Mason is looking like the obvious to be benched but the young lad is a very determined player and his workrate is unbelievable so if Kai doesn’t leave up to expectations quickly, it will be hard for everyone but we might be seeing yet another 80m on the bench.

It’s funny when you realise the dilemma doesn’t even stops there. It’s even a bit easy because the rest midfielders are out of form. Let’s take for instance, RLC picks up form not forgetting we still have Ross Barkley who sometimes displays world-class act, it will be very difficult to pick a starting eleven.

In the defensive midfield aspect, we have Jorginho and Kante and also maybe Declan Rice. Well I don’t think to make a choice there will be that difficult for Lampard. Maybe yes if Sarri was still our coach but I don’t feel Lampard fancies Jorginho that much.

Jorginho was left out for most games after the Pandemic and has been linked several times this summer with a move away from Stamford Bridge so I think in an instant where everyone is fit, Kante and Kovacic will easily get the call ahead of the Italian.

So much of quality midfielders available in our squad no doubt so we will be hoping for Lampard to sort out the right combination and if it’s one thing we are sure of is that he failed in that aspect in the last game but we can still give him a pass because most players were not available but now, majority are so, I’m personally enthusiastic about how Lampard will choose to lineup from now on.

Aiit! What I said might be crap to you so let’s see what’s on your mind in the comment section.

What combination of midfielders would you prefer Lampard use?

Should he play Mount and Havertz together?

Should Jorginho continue at DM?

Leave your thoughts and answers in the comment section below

18 thoughts on “The dilemma Lampard will face when choosing a midfield three for Chelsea games”

  1. Lampard must be clever enough now time is going and some teams are opening gaps so he must play Werner in his position cf …btwn Kai n mount from reading games played kai is the worst from all those midfielders but hez gud ….now we HV all our wingers fit lets pilisic on the lw n ziyech on the ryt in btwn them mount behind the kante n kovacic the we gun with Werner

  2. Lampard should start kovacic instead of jorghino alongside Kai harvert and mount, I think we would bring a better results

  3. Jorginho, Kante and Havartz.. These men will really shock premier league together.. Jorginho helps to balance the midfield and keep possession, Kante helps to do the dirty work in midfield while havartz brings additional threat to the attack.. This is my opinion

  4. Now we have quality players but selection wise will be come a big problem to our manager Frank James Lampard.looking at our midfield now we have good players at any giving they can justify them serves on the pitch but from my point of perspective I like Lampard to play kante, kova and Kai to start for us

  5. The midfield combo should best be Kante,Kovacic and one of mount or kai.
    Kai is a player whom everyone knows how he performed at the bundesliga league but that doesn’t predict him because bundesliga cannot be compared to premier leauge as it is not as easy as premier league but it wont be heard of if a 80m player is sitting on the bench without testing his ability…so talking about mount..He is a player that is very well determine and so much loves win and with what he played last season…we can see that he adapted so fast to premier league ….So talking about Our midfield duo…I think we should try KANTE, KOVACIC, HAVERTZ.

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