(Video) Lampard and klopp finally cleared the air about their heated brawl last season

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The Premiere League have seen it’s fair share of coach rivalry over the years.

I know Mourinho at default probably is a rival to everyone but his specific negative relationship with Arsene Wenger in the last decade was on another level. The pair didn’t agree at any instance and Mourinho being Mourinho made sure the rivalry lasted long enough.

There were also many other managers who would rather not see eye to eye. The likes of Manuel Pellegrini vs Alan Pardew, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Winger, Conte and Jose, all had the period when they rivaled each other fiercely.

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At the end of last season after the incident in Chelsea’s our 5-3 against Liverpool, many believe a new rivalry between Frank Lampard and Klopp had just begun.

Klopp and Lampard were basically tipped to become the next big manager rivals in the Premier League but has it stands, both coaches have denied any form or rivalry ir grudge between them ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool clash on Sunday.

For those that weren’t aware about the incident or have forgotten, I am just going to summarize how it all started.

Basically during our penultimate Premier League fixtures of last season when we took on Liverpool at Anfield. Klopp and Lampard got into a major verbal fight.

If I can remember correctly, Kovacic tackled Sadio Mane cleanly at just about the edge of the box but the referee penalised Kovacic and gave Liverpool a freekick.

Lampard became furious at the touch lines, trying to explain to the people around him that it was not a foul but it seems the players or staff in the Liverpool bench murmured some disrespectful words out and that heightened Lampard’s anger and he turned it out on Klopp.

Lampard was very furious and it was visible as he was pouncing to and fro the tounch line shouting that the have won just 1 Premier League title and they are already feeling like gods, telling them to fu** off.

The match ended in a 5-3 loss to us and in fews days time, the Premier League closed and everyone forgot about the incident.

Now that the fixture is on again, many person felt the pair would continue from where they stopped but both coaches have both insisted that their relationship is good.

In an interview, Klopp claims to admire Lampard as a coach and player and have nothing he’s holding against him.

Watch video of Klopp’s interview below

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Lampard on the othe hand said simitar things in his press conference yesterday. Lampard said on rivalry with Kloop:

“Nature of the world we live in is a lot of airtime for you to fill with rivalries. They can be scrutinised in every way. I have huge respect for him. What he’s done at Liverpool was incredible.”

Lampard didn’t deny the rivalry, how he did claim it was just as a result of emotional attachment to the game and nothing personal

“There’s nothing in it for me. The competitive nature of the 90 minutes can boil over but respect for Klopp I have will never change.”

I would like to believe these two already have their emotions sorted out because this can bring distraction to the game.

Nothwithstanding, all previous rivalry started just like this. They deny and then it happens again until they open and start talking to the media.

So what do you think about the Klopp and Lampard alledged rivalry?

Do you feel the rivalry is it still there and they’re just covering up?

Leave your reply in the comment section below.

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