Chelsea vs Liverpool; results, match report, analysis & rating

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September 20, 2020
0 - 2
Full Time


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome


4Andreas Christensen Center Back
5Jorginho 9 Defensive Midfielder
29Kai Havertz 14 Attacking Midfielder
1Kepa Arrizabalaga Goalkeeper
15Kurt Zouma Center Back
3Marcos Alonso Full Back
19Mason Mount Attacking Midfielder
17Mateo Kovačić 8 Central Midfielder
7N’golo Kanté Central Midfielder
24Reece James Full Back
11Timo Wener Striker
14Fikayo Tomori 29 Center Back
8Ross Barkley 17 Attacking Midfielder
9Tammy Abraham 5 Striker


Stamford Bridge
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Chelsea FC Museum and Stadium Tours, Fulham Road, Wandon Estate, Walham Green, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Greater London, England, SW6 1HS, United Kingdom


Date Time League Season Time Zone Full Time
September 20, 2020 4:30 pm English Premier League 2020/21 Season Sunday 20th Sept (4:30pm UK) 90'
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45′ Christensen Red Card for foul on Mane

Half Time: Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0

54′ Goal (Mane)

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Chelsea 0 vs Liverpool 1

Watch Mane’s first goal in the link below

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54′ GOAL (Mane)

Chelsea 0 vs Liverpool 2

Watch Mane’s second in the link below


73′ Penalty Chelsea

75′ Penalty missed by Jorginho

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Watch video of Jorginho’s penalty in link below

Full Time: Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

Ball Possession Stat: Chelsea 40%  Liverpool 60%

The Champions Comfortably dominated 10 men Chelsea in the second half and took a deserved 3 points.

post match report

Unfortunately our first loss of the season came early and it was the reigning champions who took all three points from us at our own home.

10 men Chelsea were dominated and beaten 2-0 in the second half after a cagey 0-0 draw in the first half.

Talking points

1. Lampard’s Tactics (Midfield): Frank Lampard took a page from the Maurizio Sarri’s midfield book and applied it against Liverpool. He played a midfield of Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic just like the way Sarri played it in our 2018/19 season until the red card incident.

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Basically, Lampard decided to use Jorginho as a regista in the DM role while Kante played further up the pitch. This allowed the more technical players like Jorginho and Kovacic to play the holding role.

I guess this decision was made as a result of Liverpool’s usual high pressing game and Lampard needed someone in that defensive midfield who could tell the center back “give me the ball, don’t worry”, someone like Jorginho and Kovacic.

Although Jorginho made some bad touches in the first half, he and Kovacic also made some amazing touches and link up to break that liverpool’s midfield several times in the first half. Kante on the other also did a super amazing job in the first, working tirelessly in front of Jorginho to mark the ball before it even gets to a dangerous areas.

To be honest, I was very impressed with the display from our midfield in the first half. it was a big improvement from our first game against Brighton and I never really imagined that combination again as Lampard seldomly uses it but from what I saw against Liverpool, it could really work out. Sarri didn’t play with a no 10. if Lampard chooses not to play with a no 10, then Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic might be our best bet.

2. Lampard’s Tactics (Attack): Our midfield and defensive performance especially in the first half was impressive but same couldn’t be said for our attack. Mason Mount and Kai Havertz who Lampard claimed to use as the attackers to support Werner were non existent.Werner was literally playing the whole attack (CF & LW) all by himself and even tracking back most times to cover for Alonso at leftback.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

There was no crosses from the full backs for Werner or someone from the wings to square the ball for him. On multiple occasions he even dribbled past one or two Liverpool players and there is no one making run for him so he could pass the ball.

As much as Mason Mount and Kai Havertz’s performance was bad that first half, I personally don’t put the blame on them but on Lampard for putting them in those positions. I could understand for Mount because he has played there on multiple occasions for Lampard and his performance was even considerable but Kai’s performance was again disgusting to watch and Lampard is at fault for this. You don’t play someone who is trying to adapt to the speed of the Premier League in an off position and expect a blistering performance. That was not too tactical from our boss especially when you have better options in that position on the bench. It would have even been better to play Werner off position and play another striker because Werner has shown since his first game that he could thrive playing from the wing than Kai Havertz.

Honestly I couldn’t even figure out the exact position Kai was playing in the first half but what was certain is that Werner alone was doing both of their work.

3. Christensen’s Sending Off: Christensen was sent off just before the first half for pulling down Mane who was already though on goal.

He was obviously at fault and VAR made the right choice. His decision making was poor not only in the fouling but the instance before it. Mane is fast player and with that type of player, you don’t take your eyes off him no matter where the ball is because once he makes a run before you, then you can’t catch him anymore. It’s sad because before that, he was having a really good game.

4. Jorginho’s Penalty: After the red card, Jorginho struggled a lot which was expected because all pressure were now on us and to anchor such pressure especially from a team like Liverpool is almost impossible except you have the spirit and mentality of our 2012 Champions League squad. Yes! He struggled to influence or control the game after the red card. I can leave with that but what I can’t accept is you as a captain missing a spot kick when it’s needed the most. Jorginho has scored all the penalties he has played for Chelsea before full time but still, there is some wrong that 1000 rights can justify. I don’t care how you have to play it but you have got to score that and give everyone a fighting chance. That’s the kind of situation that shows a standout penalty taker with unwavering mentality.

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Don’t get me wrong, Jorginho is a fantastic penalty taker and probably the best we have but that miss is hard to just take as a fan because of the circumstances. If Jorginho had scored that, then the introduction of Abraham and Barkley would have been more effective. Its just a pity that all Werner’s hard work were in vain.

5. Kepa: It seems Kepa is going to be one of our talking points every match if he plays. The Spanish goal keeper was one of the major talking points before the match because of his disastrous performance last season and he didn’t fail to make another headline against Liverpool.

He literally assisted Mane to score his second goal and there is no justification for that type of error especial for some already facing intense criticism. He knows he cost us with that mistake and as Lampard said in his post match interview that Kepa accepted his mistake as he should do because if he had not made that error and Jorginho converted Werner’s penalty then it could have been 1-1

the way forward?

We may have lost at home but there is still plenty positives to take from the match, maybe even more than Brighton and even Lampard said after that the match that he is happy with this performance more that what we put out against Brighton.

Photo credit: Getty Images

One of the many positives is the fact that Werner is not a Morata type of Striker and he is a perfect fit for the Premier League from what we have seen and with the right service from the likes of Ziyech and Pulisic who are yet to join the squad he would score the goals he deserves.

Lampard have been able to manage the defense very well even with the absence of Thiago and Chilwel so when those players arrive, Lampard just have to leave sentiments aside in picking a starting 11 and I think we would be fine.

what’s next

Chelsea will face Barnsley in the EFL at Stamforf Bridge midweek before traveling to West Midlands to face West Brom in their next Premier League Match.

6 - 0
Full Time

See details and more upcoming fixtures in the page link below

Results & Fixtures


What is your take on the match?

Who was at fault?

Where should we improve and what aspect of our game is impressing you the most currently?

Who do you feel Lampard should drop from the squad ASAP?


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  1. Good sport advises on betting helps learn the correct path that can lead to success.|All the bells-and-whistles and marketing hype is simply that. Who would not interested in learning these proven techniques? Maybe it was the critics saying they had no game.

  2. I hope kepa will learn from his mistake and is not going to repeat it again…he must change before is too late please lampard organise the squad

  3. We have played our best but the red card and Kepa mistakes ,I blame for Coach Lampard.

    Congratulations Timo Werner he played like 11 players but miss support from other players.

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