(Video) What a Miss from Barkley against Barnsley. Unbelievable!

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Chelsea demolished Championship side Barnsley yesterday at Stamford Bridge with Barkley getting into the scoresheet as well as Kai Havertz (3), Tammy Abraham (1) and Giroud (1) but his miss in the second half didn’t go unnoticed.

Barkley is not usually the one who misuse an opportunity during matches but this time perhaps because of the lack of that concentration because we were already five goals up.

Giroud played the English midfielder through with a lovely square ball and Barkley just had to hit the target but was unable to do so and himself couldn’t believe he missed that but Lampard quick cheered him up with an applause from the lines.

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watch or download video of Barkley’s goal in link below 

Thoughts on this guys? 

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