Five things we learnt from our 4-0 win against Sevilla in the UCL

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Chelsea totally humiliated Spanish side Sevilla at their own home to seal top spot in their UCL group through a 4-0 win.

Giroud was basically the man of the gameweek as he scored all four of Chelsea’s goals.

Chelsea sent as strong message with that win that they are ready to compete and win this season and have already been made the UCL title contenders by some major pundits but as a fans what are the things we observed from that game that could have major influence on our future games?

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Below are five points observed by Chelsea Futbal media:

1. Giroud could be more important to the team than everyone thought: Giroud was a major part of Chelsea’s success last season especially in the later stages of the season. His goals and form helped Chelsea got Champions League football this season but with the introduction of big names like Timo Wener and Hakim Ziyech in our attack this season, the opportunity for Giroud became diminished.

We all expected Werner to be our first striker while the likes of Tammy and Giroud could assist from the bench. However, Werner has seen himself in the wing most of the season because of the frequent injuries on Pulisic. This have opened more opportunities for Giroud and Tammy Abraham to start upfront.

Tammy has been the favourite for Lampard so far but it is clear he (Tammy) could use a helping hand and a healthy competition especially with the hectic schedule.

Pulisic is yet to replicate the form he put out at the closing stages of last season and this could mean Werner will play in the wing more often than we thought and Tammy alone can’t take the responsibility of a Chelsea number nine especially in games that needs experience instead of agility.

Giroud has showed he would be ready to deliver when called upon. He showed that against Rennes and did the extraordinary against Sevilla when he was given the opportunity to start.

Giroud has been linked out of Stamford Bridge by January but France international has admitted that a little change and more involvement in the team will easily change that decision.

I think Frank Lampard will certainly want to keep this asset till at least the end of the season even if it means denying Tammy Abraham, Wener and Pulisic a little game time to make available more for Olivier Giroud.

2. Hudson Odoi’s change in mentality and outrageous improvement: Hudson Odoi is no doubt one of the best young talent in the game but his lack of mentality and tactical coordination has been the major drawback in his game.

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Odoi is a player that like to show stuffs and skills during games and sometimes neglecting the major reason of the game which is to win.

Some months ago, Lampard complained of his inability to track back and help the defense during games and urged him to improve in that aspect.

Hudson Odoi against Sevilla. Photo credit: Getty Images

Hudson Odoi has not only improved in that aspect but the general maturity in his game has improved a lot. He hardly losses possession, takes instructions and works well with his teammates.

Typically against Sevilla, there was an instance he had to drop to RB after an order from Azpilicueta to cover that space at that moment. See pictures below

Credit: nomifooty

Lampard himself has praised Hudson Odoi recent improvement and admitted it was not an easy decision to leave the young lad out of the squad against Tottenham so it was of no surprise that he got to play 90 mins against Sevilla. Totally deserved.

3. Kai Havertz Magic Ability: Against Sevilla was Kai Havertz first start since he contracted the Corona virus and you could instantly see the calmness his presence brought to that midfield.

Kai Havertz controlling the ball against Sevilla. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Without much effort, the German has the ability to control the flow of Chelsea’s midfield and attack in a fine tune.

Also adding an assist to his name, there’s no doubt he would instantly get back to the first team as soon as his fitness is up to guage.

4. Mendy’s Influence: Mendy has been unbelievably exquisite since his debut for Chelsea, already matching Peter Cech incredible record after 12 games.

Petr Cech and Edouard Mendy’s first 12 Games for Chelsea

Petr Cech:
Games: 12
Clean Sheets: 9
Goals Conceded: 3

Edouard Mendy:
Games: 12
Clean Sheets: 9
Goals Conceded: 3

Many have argued that Mendy hasn’t really done enough but it is Chelsea’s defence which has improved drastically.

We don’t dispute the fact that Chelsea’s defense has be exceptionally good in recent games with the addition of Thiago Silva’s experience but Sevilla’s game showed that maybe it is more of Mendy’s influence than Thiago Silva.

Chelsea played the Sevilla’s game with a totally different back 6 except Mendy.

The likes of Kante, Chilwell, Reece, Zouma and Silva were all left out from the starting lineup and replace by the said “Calamity” backline of Rudiger, Christensen, Emerson and Azpilicueta who played the most of last season. However these combination unlike last season turned wordclass and you could easily see the confidence in each of them, playing out from the back and defending set pieces with great accuracy. They went on to keep a clean sheet with each putting out a fine performance.

One can only explain that turnaround with the influence Mendy has put on them. His ability to control and dominate his backline and the confidence the players have in him has greatly improved the whole even when he is not making saves.

5. Our squad depth is ridiculous: We currently have three strikers in which the least favored is scoring four goals in one match in a Champions League game, four centre halves, three right backs and I could go on.

The ridiculous part is not the quantity but the versatility and quality and in a season full of hectic schedules and injuries that could be a major advantage for us.

The match against Sevilla showed the extent to the depth of our squad with Frank Lampard making nine Changes from Tottenham and still winning 4-0 away in a very important match.

The likes of Hudson Odio, Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Giroud or Jorginho who are said to be in our second eleven, many top teams will be dying to have them in their first team.

So guys, What do you think about this observations and the recent performances from Chelsea and what points or observations can you pick out from our win against Sevilla?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below 👇


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