Frank Lampard gives Update on Ziyech Injury

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Ziyech went off during the first half of our game against Leeds on Saturday night after suffering what looked like an hamstring injury.

The Morroccan was then replaced by Pulisic as Chelsea fought hard to victory afterwards.

The severity of Ziyech injury was unknown even to Frank Lampard who said after the Leeds game that he will have to wait for the test results before he can be aware of how serious the injury is.

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It’s been two day since our game against Leeds and ahead of our Champions League game tomorrow again Krasnodar, Frank Lampard is still insisting that the extent of Ziyech injury is still unknown as Ziyech’s scan and examination has been scheduled for later today so he would be informed properly on the outcome tomorrow.

This means that Ziyech will be out for at least this week untill we know more on the injury severity.

Speaking in the press conference today, Lampard said:

Ziyech is going for a scan this afternoon. I will have more info tomorrow.

Lampard however said Ziyech didn’t feel it was too bad so maybe he will only be out of a couple of weeks, but they need to wait for the scan to know.

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