Lampard makes huge Kai Havertz claim after awful performance against Everton

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Lampard have jumped into the defense of his new £71m signing insisting he knows the player he bought and what he’s gonna become.

Kai Havertz has had a slow start this season. Tho he has shown his brilliance in some matches, his inconsistency and inability to perform in high tempo Premium League games is worrying.

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Frank Lampard believes however that the German International has the ability to cope but just needs time to adapt properly.

As reported by The Independent, Lampard said:

We should be patient with Havertz from a Chelsea end because he is a top-quality talent who has come into this league.
He can play in any position across the front three and he has played on the right countless times before he played for Chelsea.
But we have to be patient, particularly with any young player playing in the speed of the Premier League.
“People who want to jump on to criticise (should) just wait and give a young player time. I know the player that Kai Havertz is going to be.

It will be unreasonable for anyone to write off the 21 years old just yet but with the packed schedule, intensity and performance other teams are putting this season especially in the Premier League, he would have step up quickly as Chelsea would need to every strength to try and secure top 4 or fight for the title.

Over to you Chelsea Futbal readers.

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