Lampard admits he asked Pulisic to change wings with Werner against Wolves

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Chelsea lost to Wolves few days after loosing to Everton and as fans were disappointed that Frank Lampard could have done better with some of his decisions in the game, one of the major talking points was the switching of wings between Werner and Pulisic after about 30 minutes into the game.

Pulisic started from the left wing and was very much into the game as soon as it started, causing problems for Wolves at that end and giving no rest time to their right back Semendo.

At about 30 mins into the game, he switch wings with Timo Werner who was playing from the right and suddenly he became less influencial in the game.

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Werner on the other hand started receiving more of the ball be couldn’t make use if it as Pulisic did.

Many expected the pair to switch back but the game went on to end like that as Chelsea lost.

Speaking in the press conference ahead of West Ham on Monday Lampard admitted he called for the switch of positions between them and he isn’t worried because both of the wingers are vast and well adept at playing on either flanks.

Lampard could think that but I bet many fans would beg to differ because it was obviously clear that Pulisic plays better from the left.

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