Lampard calls for “perspective” on Havertz form

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Havertz has been having an hard time performing during games and as such Chelsea have come to loose those games also.

Fans are beginning to question the German ability to perform in the Premier League and calls for Lampard to start putting him on the bench.

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Lampard however is still of the notion that Havertz will become a big player in the squad but just needs time to settle.

He also clarifies the statement that the time doesn’t need to be long but enough for him to settle.

Speaking in press conference today ahead of West Ham, Lampard spoke about Kai’s form and he said:

The reaction around him… he had no pre-season, then got Covid and all eyes are on because of the price tag but we need huge perspective here.

Not saying it will take a long, long time but he does need time to settle in. For Chelsea fans and us, we must give him time.

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