Lampard confirms Corona Virus outbreak in Chelsea

Lampard have confirmed that few members of the Chelsea staff tested positive in the latest round of Covid 19 test held in the Premier League.

The boss however said no players is currently infected with this virus. Lampard also revealed that tho there’s an outbreak of this virus in Manchester City, (Our next opponent) between staff and players, they haven’t been given the chance for the game to be cancelled.


Lampard on Man City potentially being postponed:

I haven’t been given the chances of the game being cancelled. At the moment, the game is on. Man City have had some positives in their training ground and that’s the situation.

Lampard reiterates safety and security have to be paramount in these tough times. He believes the Premier League and clubs have done everything to make the environment as safe as possible, but that can’t always be enough, so if football has to stop, it has to stop.



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