Revealed! Four Chelsea players who wants Lampard to loose his job

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With just one win in his last seven games, Lampard’s job is now under serious threat at Chelsea.

The Chelsea team has been lacking strength and mentality during games.

This was visible in our loss against Arsenal and with another poor showing at Stamford Bridge against Manchester City last weekend, it is beginning to seem that some of the players aren’t willing to play for Frank Lampard anymore.

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Obviously this could easily not be the case as we were cruising just few weeks ago during our 17 games unbeaten run but according to [AS] there are still four Chelsea players who are rumoured to not be in good shape with Lampard at the club and hence, they would rather see the former Chelsea midfielder sacked.

See the reported players below and their possible reasons for wanting Lampard out

Since the arrival of Edouard Mendy, Lampard has rarely featured Kepa Arrizabalaga during games even with the tight and congested fixtures.

The Spaniard has been rumoured to be already looking for another club but with the potential departure of Frank Lampard he could find much more recognition and trust from the next coach so I guess there’s a motive for him wanting Lampard out.

Rudiger was an instrumental part of our summer recruiting, especially with his German teammates that he helped convince to join the club. However since the arrival of Thiago Silva, Rudiger has barely started a game for Chelsea this season.

Lampard seems to always prefer Zouma and Silva over him and sometimes even Christensen.

The German could have a chance to get back into the team properly with a new coach so a bit of motive for him wanting Lampard out could be drawn from here.

Jorginho’s name has come with a little bit if surprise to me. Tho the Italian has fallen out of the first team with Kante back to his original position, Lampard still seems to trust him as he plays more often than the aforementioned.

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However Jorginho have had a little situation with Lampard this season with penalties.

After the Italian missed some crucial penalties this season, Lampard withdrew the right of taking penalties from him and placed it on Werner. Rumours even have it that he is no longer second in line after his miss against Arsenal so I guess his motive for wanting Lampard out could be drawn from here.

Well, I was personally expecting this one. Alonso had a major disagreement with Lampard at about three months ago which led to Lampard giving him a dressing room talk down in front of everyone. READ MORE ABOUT HIS FIGHT WITH LAMPARD HERE.

Many anticipated that Alonso might never play a game for Chelsea again with Frank Lampard incharge and it seems they’re right. The Spaniard hasn’t featured in a single match since the disagreement after our 3-3 draw against West Brom in September.

As we all must have noticed, all of the reported players from [AS] media aren’t regulars in the team so this might not have anything to do with our current performance and drop in form.

As players, when you don’t get much time in the pitch, it’s normal to want a change in the system and these could just be the scenerio here and nothing more.

For me, the idea that the players aren’t willing to play for Frank Lampard again and that has been the reason for the poor form is still void until more detailed revelation are reported about players who are actually playing.

What about you, what do you think about the report, drop your thoughts in the comment section below

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  1. Actually for me I even see that another thing exception from that is happening too cos all those players are not on thier right focus again… something is really happening in that Chls squad,,,,it can even be the selection of the players….But as time goes on we may see what will happen next

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