(Video) What Ziyech did during Man City’s third goal could make you hate him

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After Chelsea lost 1-3 to Manchester city on Sunday night, Graeme Souness said something weird about Hakim Ziyech which will probably turn his club fans against him.

Recall that Kevin De Bruyne scored the third goal for Man city before the first half, Graeme blasts Ziyech for pretending to slip so that he didn’t have to track back for the goal.
He says “big players don’t act like this. What Ziyech was guilty of for the third goal was just downright ‘I’m not bothered.’ What does that say about a player?”

Watch or Download the video of incident and goal below

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I have watched the clip over and over again and noticed that Ziyech didn’t show at the scene till the goal was scored.

The likes of Chilwell, Mason all ran back but not Ziyech and if he had tracked back then there was a higher possibility that the goal wouldn’t have gone in because it later went in through the same wing that he was in.

Do you think Ziyech was actually hurt or he was just lazy to fall back and used that as an excuse?

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3 thoughts on “(Video) What Ziyech did during Man City’s third goal could make you hate him”

  1. For me that’s not what they call Laziness cos we all know that Ziyech was just back from injury and something might happened again if he try to ran that day

    1. I cant blame him, cos he just came back from injury. If he try to run as fast as the ball or to follow sterling immediately, he may end up hurting himself, he is just regaining his fitness.

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