112 persons tests positive for Covid-19 from 66 clubs in EFL testing results. See how Chelsea FC fared

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According to Duncan Wright, the EFL Covid testing results got 112 positive from 66 clubs.

The FA Cup just announced a new rules in which a team could forfeit their place in the competition if they are hit with the pandemic and with the amount of positives from this latest round of testing shows it isn’t looking good for some clubs. READ MORE ON THE NEW FA CUP COVID-19 RULES HERE

Lampard has however confirmed that Chelsea Football Club is safe as no player were tested positive for the virus.

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Lampard also revealed that the academy players were tested and some could fixture on Sunday in the game

The academy players have been tested and they have been in to train with us and some may be involved on Sunday.

Lampard reiterates there are concerns because of the current climate of the pandemic but none of his players have tested positive in recent testing. He praises the club’s medical staff for going above and beyond to help keep everyone safe.

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