Serious or Not? Thomas Tuchel gives update on Thiago Silva’s injury

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Thiago Silva was substituted few minutes before half time after over stretching and sustaining a muscle injury.

At first it looked like an hamstring which caused some panic among the fans but reports came during the game as the commentator announced it was a thigh injury and not hamstring.

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After the match however journalist wanted to hear from the boss himself and when asked about the condition of Thiago Silva, Thomas Tuchel said:

I saw Thiago with a big strap around his muscle but we have to wait. It’s worrying because it’s a muscle injury.

I do not want to say anything on this at the moment because I really don’t know and I don’t want to give out wrong information. Let’s take a look at him tomorrow when we will know more. You can see the quality that Thiago has and you don’t want to lose a player like him

It will be tight for Sunday but we will have to wait until tomorrow to confirm. For Sunday, he is a big doubt.

Obviously, Tuchel has no real idea yet on the severity of the injury and insist we all have to wait and see till probably when a scan is taken and the results are out.
Chelsea will however, be hoping it doesn’t take took for the recovery of their sweeper who has been super impressive since signing for Chelsea for free this season.

With Thiago out, Andreas Christensen is the next suitable person for that role because of his ball playing ability.

The Dannish defender came on for Thiago Silva yesterday and did really well to secure Chelsea’s lead.

Thomas Tuchel on Christensen’s performance:

I have to say, I thought Christensen did excellent when he came on. He hasn’t played for a while and to come into a match with the intensity like this and perform as well as he did was great to see, because he did very well tonight.

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