Shaw reveals why the alleged Odoi’s foul wasn’t given by the referee

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Manchester United were denied a penalty by the referee for what looked like a clear handball to many including some Chelsea fans.

Callum Hudson Odoi flicked the ball with his hands after being tightly marked and possibly pushed by Manchester United Mason Greenwood in the 18 yard box.

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While some persons feel the reason the ref didn’t award the penalty was because Mason touched the ball first with his arm before Hudson Odoi, other think it was because Mason’s hand is what pushed Odoi’s hand to the ball.

Luke Shaw however have provided a clearer explanation as to why the penalty wasn’t given.

According to the Manchester United left back when speaking to the media after the match, he said he over heard the referee telling Manchester United captain Harry Maguire, that VAR thinks it’s an handball but he can’t give it because it’s too controversial and would result to too much talk and queries after the game if it is given.


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