‘It was a bad pass’ Tuchel reacts to Timo Werner big miss for Germany

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Timo Werner squandered a glorious chance when Germany faced North Macedonia in the qualifiers few days back.

He would have put Germany ahead if he had scored, but he didn’t as he awfully missed the almost empty post and Germany went on to loose the game.

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It was of no surprise that this incident was brought on to Thomas Tuchel during his latest press conference as the miss went pretty viral.

Tuchel feels Werner is just lacking confidence at the moment but he is however happy to have him back in the squad confirming he will be starting tomorrow’s game against West Brom. He also joked that the pass from Gundogan which led to the miss was bad and criticized those just pointing a finger at him, claiming he still scores, assists and win penalties for the team.

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It was a bad pass from Ilkay Gundogan is how I see it! I’m only joking. He missed that chance and everybody is passionate to talk about it which is a bit annoying.

It’s easy at the moment to point the finger at Timo, which I can’t understand. I am happy he is back here.

To look at it honestly, he is in a moment where he lacks confidence and things aren’t too easy. The goals are not working out as usual but he works out for us.

He still scores for us, still assists for us, still wins penalties. If this is the most critical point of his career you can say it’s still pretty impressive so far.

Timo has scored since he was five years old and he never stopped. So he can trust his brain and body, it will come back. That’s easier said than done.

Yesterday I sent him in from training because he wanted to do extra finishing with us. But I sent him in because it will come. The goals will come.

Of course, he needs to do something and the best thing to do is to work hard. Work hard against the ball, make runs, don’t hesitate, be fearless, don’t overthink it.

That’s easy for me to say but it’s the challenge right now. Timo will start tomorrow and there we go.

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