The Chelsea board deserve the fans patience

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There are still 8 weeks remaining of this current transfer window, and even over the last few weeks I have seen moans, groans, and even anger from some Chelsea fans getting frustrated with the apparent non-activity in the market from the club so far, whilst other clubs appearing to be advancing with their moves.

It’s always important to not always believe everything you read or hear from reports, players, managers, agents etc at this time of the year, and take everything with a pinch of salt. Just because we aren’t hearing about our reported pursuit of Erling Haaland for example, it doesn’t always mean that nothing is going on.

Just because you are hearing that Manchester United are trying to sign every quality player in the market right now, it doesn’t mean they will get them all, or are even advanced with half of them.

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Chelsea have just won the Champions League with a top class manager, I firmly believe they will back him now and provide him with the tools that he needs to advance on and really challenge for the Premier League title.

they don’t I’d be absolutely shocked and will be writing a whole new article on how the board SHOULD be blamed!

But we are nowhere near that stage at all, and how the club operated and provided us with a mega-exciting AND successful transfer window just last summer, I think we absolutely owe it to them to be patient and keep the faith in their plans this summer.

The board take a lot of criticism, and sometimes it is valid. However, right now is not the time to start criticising about a lack of transfer activity just because you aren’t seeing our names plastered all over the transfer reports right now, it will soon come.
Just think back to signings like Hakim Ziyech, Christian Pulisic, when we recruited Frank Lampard, and even large parts of the Kai Havertz deal – We hardly heard anything of these deals until they were practically announced, anything else was largely guess work.

Chelsea like to keep their business as quiet as possible and always behind closed doors if they can. Things DO get leaked, but they certainly try hard for it not to be.

Moves are being made, I’m very sure about that, be patient for now, I’ll join you all in moaning if we do manage to mess it up!

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