Erling Haaland’s response when asked if he’s staying at Dortmund will excite Chelsea Fan’s.

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Some very interesting and exciting news has come out on Wednesday morning surrounding Chelsea’s pursuit of Dortmund striker Erling Haaland.

Many have had their views and given their reports on this saga over the last few months, and for me personally, I maintain the opinion that I do feel it can still happen despite others saying it will be ‘mission impossible’ or it will need a ‘crazy bid.’

The latter might be true, but it still has a feel to me of something that can happen this summer, and the latest news backs that up even more.

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According to BILD reporter Christian Falk, they asked Haaland whether he is staying at Dortmund this summer, and his response will excite Chelsea fans and add more fuel to the fire.

Instead of saying yes I am staying, he simply smiled and said nothing at all, which in my view is really very telling!

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