Opinion: Signs point towards Amrando Broja being given a chance in the Chelsea squad, so what will his role be?

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It would appear that all the signs are pointing towards the fact that Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel have all but decided that young striker Armando Broja will be included in the first team squad this season.

As confirmed yesterday by youth insider, The Secret Scout, as it stands there are no plans to send Broja out on loan, and the player himself has been speaking like a man who is staying with the Chelsea senior squad this season, as reported by the Chelsea website who titled the segment ‘Armando Broja relishing his opportunity at ‘dream club’ Chelsea.’

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At this moment, there will be no loan for Armando Broja, per @TheSecretScout_

Assuming that’s subject to change.

Broja said:

“I’ve always had a very close bond with Chelsea, since I was a little kid. I supported Chelsea and used to go to all the games, so it’s nice to sign a long-term contract with the club I love and I’m looking forward to the years ahead with Chelsea.

“It’s nice to get that side of football out of the way so I can just concentrate on myself and my team-mates and what’s in front of us. So I’m happy that I managed to do it early and now I can just focus on my football without any stress.”

It certainly sounds positive that he will be involved this season, so where does he fit in?

Well, the obvious and most clear answer right now is that he replaces Olivier Giroud regardless of what else happens with the striker situation, so he comes in as a backup striker.

However, it COULD be more, depending on whether Chelsea manage to sell Tammy Abraham and land themselves a new striker.

It looks pretty clear now that Chelsea want to at least get far along with a deal to sell Abraham before making official offers for a new striker themselves, and what has also become clear is that Thomas Tuchel just doesn’t fancy Abraham.

If Abraham stays, you will probably see more regular minutes for Broja. But if he goes and a new world-class striker comes in, then Broja will be a firm backup you’d imagine, especially factoring in we still have Kai Havertz and Timo Werner who have both played in the centre forward spot.

Broja though, will have the advantage of being a natural number 9, one of only two at the club currently.

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So keeping him in the squad does make sense for Chelsea, but I’m not sure if it would make sense for his own personal development, these youngsters need regular game time to progress.

Although he will get minutes I am sure of that with all the games being played, will it be enough?

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