Thiago Silva cleared and giving green light to play against Aston Villa as Brazil drop ban

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Thiago Silva has been cleared to play in Chelsea’s match against Aston Villa after Brazil dropped plans to impose a five-day ban on the centre back.

Premier League clubs made a collective decision not to release players if it meant them travelling to red-list countries as they would have to face a 10 days of quarantine on their return to England.
As a matter of Fact Brazil is one of the countries red listed due to the high rate of the Deadly disease.
Thiago Silva’s side were due to play against Argentina and Peru in Rio de Janeiro in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying campaign, but the first match was dramatically halted midway through over Covid fears.

Premier League bosses reacted angrily to the situation as it continued to develop on Friday, as they remained unsure whether they would be able to field some of their biggest names in the weekend’s fixtures.

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Speaking about the situation during his press conference, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said: “[I am frustrated] Not only with Thiago but with the situation, yeah. Maybe not football but the world itself is not the same with travelling and restrictions. If you try to go home during the national break, or if I want to bring my family over, it gets more and more complicated.

"Yes, of course, the clubs want their players to play and the national teams as well. And the players also want to play, don't forget that. But if it ends up that players who can't play in their national team are suspended for their league games, that makes no sense. Not for the players, clubs, national teams, fans or football.
Me personally, I think it could be a solution to move games from red-listed to green-listed countries like we did with the Champions League last season. So this was a solution where games could be played, so maybe we can find a solution like this."

The Football Association and the Premier League are understood to be already working closely alongside FIFA in order to find a solution with the UK Government over red-list quarantine restrictions in anticipation of a similar situation in the October international window.
So Thiago Silva is all set and ready to play for Chelsea Against Aston Villa.

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