Fans reveals an interesting theory why Alonso didn’t pass the armband to Azpilicueta in Villa game

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One of the odd scenarios that took place during Chelsea’s win over Aston Villa was what happened when club captain Cesar Azpilicueta was subbed on.

Marcos Alonso had been given the armband for the game but he didn’t hand it to Dave after he came on, despite that being the common practice.

This left fans speculating quite a bit and u/GuruonGreatness on Reddit has his own theory about why it happened.

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He wrote: “I have the answer for you sir! (At least my theory). The last three times Azpi got subbed off and moved the armband across, he got booked for ‘time wasting’, (each time was complete bs by the way).

“When Azpi got subbed on, Alonso already was on a yellow and it wasn’t worth the risk of a harsh sending off, to try and move that armband across mid match.”

It’s an interesting take for sure, although it’s a bit more likely that Tuchel was okay with letting Marcos Alonso have his moment since he was performing well.

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