Thomas Tuchel Full Press Conference ahead of Manchester City

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🎙Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Man City Press Conference – Part 1/2:

🔹Tuchel on injuriy news: “Christian Pulisic is out and Mason Mount it’s too soon. He has a minor injury from the Aston Villa game. He made a big step, huge progress, but not enough.”

🔹 Tuchel says Edouard Mendy is fit to face Man City and will start for Chelsea tomorrow.

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “Not so long ago, there were a lot of voices that I don’t know how to beat Pep.”

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🔹Thomas Tuchel: “If I look at it honestly, I see the last three games [vs Man City] as 50-50 matches, during the matches too. It could’ve been any outcome. Little details decide.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “I expect nothing else than a 50-50 match tomorrow. We will fight hard to get the better outcome. We know how much we suffer in these matches…”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on being a better coach than Pep Guardiola: “This question doesn’t exist, so I cannot answer. These are for you guys. I have the highest respect for Pep because I’m a huge admirer of his impact from his first day of coaching.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “I am grateful to have the support from the club to push this club to the limit.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Romelu Lukaku’s recent comments about tackling abuse: “I am happy for every discussion that leads to the right direction because they can only be positive output, and speaking will always be the start for something positive.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Mason Mount’s absence: “He’s very disappointed. I didn’t feel it during the match as it happened during the second half, playing through the injury. The stats for recovery are huge – he could’ve played if the game was one day later. It’s minor.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on psychological edge over Man City: “We have the positive experiences, we know how tough it feels, how much work and input is needed. When I tell you 50-50, I mean 50-50.”

🎙Thomas Tuchel’s Full Pre-Man City Press Conference – Part 2/2:

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “You have to work hard and earn it. Believing you can do it is the most important in sports. At this level, we have the believe we can do it. We know what it takes to have the possibility to win. It doesn’t take a miracle to beat Man City, but we be at best.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on handing blow to title rival vs Man City: “Before we talk about the result, we need to focus on input and delivery. We need to accept the momentum and luck that’s needed. These kind of things decide, then we can judge the result.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “Let’s be honest, if we win tomorrow we will not be champions, or in depression [if Man City win]. We feel ready to beat them once again.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Man City: “We always try to focus on us but there are a lot of behaviours that you need to be aware of. They play a very different lineup in the league, caused a lot of problems for us. We never know, they have a lot in their pocket. Top team, top manager. Every lineup, they put huge intensity on you. They have patterns in defending and attacking that you have to be aware. We have to play with confidence, and accept difficulties, pain and fatigue. Then you need to take advantage to escape pressure.”

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🔹Thomas Tuchel: “You need to very aware of space as they only open up for a blink of a second. Do we need a miracle to compete? No, but we need our best performance.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on six-pointer: “Well it is, between two teams who are rivals for top four and the best outcome. But it’s too early to be a decision tomorrow. Any team can steal three points.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on 2021/22 season: “It’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint, the race is not over no matter the result [tomorrow].”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “It’s so early, we don’t need extra motivation/edge to be six points clear. We need to be at our best, best level anyway no matter if we are one point clear/behind. This is what we did in the last three matches against Man City. We need our top level.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel: “Points don’t matter. Tomorrow is on, and we have to be fully on.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Thiago Silva: “It’s on him [to decide future]. I cannot answer this right now. Hopefully he can continue to perform at this level. That’s all he needs to stay here [at #Chelsea]. You need top performances here, that’s what’s needed.”

🔹Thomas Tuchel on Thiago Silva’s future: “We have time. We don’t need to answer it now.”

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