“You don’t f*cking do that” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic explains what triggered him to slam into Cesar Azpilicueta on international duty, says he’s not ashamed.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that he barged into Cesar Azpilicueta for picking on his Swedish teammates during a FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier a week ago.

Spain emerged 1-0 winners in that clash on Monday, which means Sweden will have to negotiate the playoffs for a place in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There was an incident in the game where Ibrahimovic barged into Azpilicueta during a set-piece, and was subsequently booked.

The booking means Ibrahimovic will be suspended for the next game, but the Swede admitted he would do it again to defend his teammates.

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Ibrahimovic added that his teammates were too ‘nice’ to react the way he did. The 40-year-old admitted it was not the correct thing to do. But he would have no qualms to do that again to stand up to a teammate. Ibrahimovic added:

Azpilicueta apparently said something to a Swedish player down on the ground, which irked Ibrahimovic. Acknowledging that his actions could cost Sweden a place at the World Cup, the unapologetic Swede wanted to teach Azpilicueta a lesson. He said:

Sweden’s opponents for the playoffs have not been decided yet. But regardless of who they end up facing, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be a big miss. The Swede, last weekend, became the oldest player in history to score a Serie A brace.

The 40-year old never backs away from a challenge. But his decision to barge into Azpilicueta could eventually cost his side a place in the World Cup. Sweden will need all the attacking quality they can muster in the absence of Ibrahimovic in the first playoff game.

The Scandinavian nation will hope they remain alive in the tie going into the second leg, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic is expected to make his return.

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