Tuchel sends OFFICIAL transfer message to Chelsea fans about possible signings

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Thomas Tuchel has sent a clear message to the Chelsea fans regarding some summer transfer business by the club

Chelsea have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few months – thanks to Roman Abramovic – and the clubs sanctions has led to players deciding that now is the best time to leave the club.

There will be a new owner on the way in the coming weeks, and there has been alot of speculation in the media that Tuchel will be handed some big funds in order to build a Chelsea side that is capable of winning that Champions League and Premier League titles.

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But According to Tuchel, the ongoing sanctions have prevented the club from making any moves prior to the window opening: “You’re never fully sure but we would have some targets and we would have for sure contacted some players and found out about their situations. Of course,” He was quoted

“Now our hands are tied, we can still have the talks inside the building but we cannot act.
“The situation is not ideal. This is the situation. It would be challenging enough with a stable situation. We don’t have that – so everybody is doing it, at least I know, for the first time.

“And we try to show our commitment, our passion for it and this is maybe for me very important to give this message: I’m committed, I’m looking forward to it and I’m passionate about it.

“And as soon as we can act we will try to act and turn things around and make it from a disadvantage maybe an advantage. However, I don’t have the solution right now but we will try to stay positive about it.”

He Added: “This might happen. There is also financial fair play and these things exist on top of it,” Tuchel added when asked about the effects of a change in ownership.

“I also think it is not possible that a new owner comes in and hands over and says ‘here go wild, here is £250 million go and spend it’. There are also other rules in place. I don’t want to write it off right now because it isn’t even May.

“It’s too early. There is still faith in the people who take care of it from our side. And still faith in that everybody is on it and that we finish it as fast as possible and we try to be prepared behind the scenes so that if we get a green light to act that we are ready and share our views on the team.

“At the moment it is very difficult to predict what is going to happen.”

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